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Portion-Controlled Eco Oil Dispenser & Brush

Portion-Controlled Eco Oil Dispenser & Brush

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2-in-1 Genius

A silicone brush and dispenser combo that's specially designed for our avocado and olive oils. Simplifies your kitchen routine.

Kawaii Stickers Included

Add a touch of cuteness to your kitchen with our recyclable Kawaii-style stickers for easy oil labeling.


Control your oil use with our built-in metering scale. Perfect for portion control and healthier eating.

30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Rest easy knowing that we've got you covered. Enjoy the benefits of our 30-day satisfaction guarantee from the day your order is delivered.

Cook smarter with our 2-in-1 brush and dispenser!

Nail the perfect portion of avocado and olive oils every time, thanks to built-in portion marks.

Easy to fill, easy to clean, and available in eco-friendly colors.

Cute stickers are included!

Act fast—limited stock!


- 2-in-1 Genius: A silicone brush and dispenser in one. Perfectly pairs with our avocado and olive oils.

- Calorie-Smart: Use just the right amount of oil, thanks to the built-in Portion Control Marks . Ideal for the health-savvy.

- Mess-Free Magic: Fill and squeeze with ease. Your countertops will thank you.

- Clean in a Snap: Detachable parts that are dishwasher-safe. Cleaning has never been easier.

- Made for Our Oils: Specially designed for use with our avocado and olive oils. No more guesswork.

- Eco-Chic Colors: Choose from two earth-friendly colors that are as cute as they are conscious.

- Durable & Dependable: Made to last, just like the quality of our oils.

- Flavor Boost: Elevates the taste of our organic avocado and olive oils. Your tastebuds will dance.

- Big Flavor, Fewer Calories: Cook big, eat smart. Perfect for keeping those calories in check.

- Kawaii Stickers Included: Comes with adorable, recyclable Kawaii-style stickers for easy labeling of your avocado and olive oils.

Grab It Now: Limited stock alert! Get yours before they're all gone.

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Simplify Your Kitchen

Our 2-in-1 silicone brush and dispenser is designed to make your cooking effortless. It's the perfect companion for our avocado and olive oils.


Easy Portion Control

The built-in Portion Control Marks let you use just the right amount of oil. It's the smart way to keep track of your calories without compromising on flavor.


Clean and Convenient

Say goodbye to messy countertops. Our easy-to-use dispenser ensures that you get the oil where you want it, and nowhere else.


Label with Love

Each dispenser comes with adorable, recyclable Kawaii-style stickers. Label your avocado and olive oils with a touch of cuteness.

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